Wire and Cable Extrusion Line Control

Page4The FACTS Total Line Control (TLC) System for Wire & Cable Extrusion lines integrates and centralizes control of the entire extrusion process.   The TLC System is applicable for all new or existing wire & cable processes.

The TLC System removes islands of automation and provides full integration of all line equipment including:

  • Letoffs
  • Feed Systems:
    • Volumetric
    • Gravimetric
  • Extruder Speeds & Temperatures
  • Cold Start Protection
  • Automatic Melt Pump Control
  • Screen Changers
  • Sizing Tanks
  • Catenary Tube Water & Steam Control
  • Gauging:
    • Laser Micrometer
    • Ultrasonic
  • X-Ray
  • Pullers/Capstans
  • Wind-ups/Take-ups


Download the Datasheet
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DCF 1.0In addition to our Total Line Control System, FACTS provides:

  • Heater and Drive System Assemblies
  • Motor Replacements
  • Total Information Manager