Web Thickness Measurement Solutions

FACTS provides complete on-line measurement solutions for basis weight, total layer and individual layer thickness measurement for continuous web applications.  Because we are “sensor-independent”, FACTS  will ensure that your measurement solution is engineered to meet the specific requirements of your process.  We have integrated a wide variety of sensor technologies that include infrared, optical, ultrasonic, laser, nuclear, eddy current and terahertz technology.   Our experience is in continuous web applications that include blown film, cast film, extruded sheet, extrusion lamination, extrusion coating, converting and calendering.  All FACTS systems include 24/7 support and are never obsoleted.

Coating & Multi-Layer Film Thickness Measurement

The FACTS CFT Gauge provides true thickness measurement of coatings, individual layers and total film thickness.

The FACTS CFT Gauge can measure true thickness of:

  • Cast Film
  • Blown Film
  • Mono Layer Film
  • Multi-Layer Film
  • Coated Substrates (one sided technology!)
  • Colored Materials

Download the Datasheet

Film Gauge Measurement

The SME Gauge

A non-nuclear measurement scanning system that provides true thickness measurement for your sheet or film application. Precise Single Sided Measurements. SME Gauge

Nuclear and X-Ray

Nuclear Transmission, BackScatter scanning systems. Both new and rebuilt from nuclear source through profile control system.. Read more about our Nuclear Systems.

The FACTS TPC 5001 Total Profile Control System is designed specifically for the integration of scanning gauge measurement technologies to provide machine direction and cross direction control of sheet and film processes.Total Profile Control
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