Upgrading FACTS QNX systems to FACTS FCS

FACTS Inc. continues to innovate and invest in new forward thinking technology.  One of the advancements that we have made over the past few years is the development of a LINUX based control system called the FCS.

Interface Advancements of the FCS Control system

This new FCS system replaces our previous flagship QNX based system.  With it come many new advancements including

  • the ability for connecting with Remote I/O
  • higher resolution screens that allow for more data
  • clearer and better charts
  • more security and privileges roles
  • multiple TIDs/display screens
  • much simpler configuration setup, save, and backup.

Control Technique Advancements

The FCS control system brings many new advancements inside the software itself.

  • Math and Logic Subroutine Components
  • Ability to link Inputs outputs, targets and logic
  • Integrated Auto Profile Control
  • Integrated USI
  • Ability to write directly to a SQL or Oracle Database
  • Easier Support for new technologies like UPS, USB Touch Screens, Video and Ethernet Chipsets

Remote Support and Connectivity Upgrade

Remote support also gets easier with the new FCS.  Now you can

  • Connect Host Data Server to FCS via
    • Putty Terminal Access
    • See your HMI via a Virtual Network
    • WinSCP for file transfer to and from the control system.

FCS Configurations simplify and come of age to

  • Configuration via XML, not zipped collections of folders and files
  • Real Time Operating System via Linux Gentoo/ Ubuntu, via proprietary QNX4

The Upgrade Path

Converting QNX configurations to FCS configurations is a simple process for FACTS engineers.  The control system computer itself will be upgraded, along with the option to upgrade IO interfaces across your production line- or not, it is up to you.

To talk to a member of the FACTS team about upgrading your existing QNX system, please call us at 330.928.2332 today.



  1. Noah Moses says

    FACTS has been a great control system making tuning of the multiple devices control to a precise degree for the products we produce. The engineers employed are extremely skilled in incorporation of new-updated technologies. I personally have worked with these various FACTS engineers and find them determined to “make it happen.
    Noah Moses
    Electronic Technician Coordinator

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