Total Information Management (TIM) 3001

Total Information Manager – Data Collection, Event Logging, Remote Support

A single FACTS Total Information Manager will connect to all your factory floor FACTS Control and Measurement systems. The Total Information Manager provides:

  • Process and Product Data Collection – Long Term Historian
  • Event Logging
  • Data & Event Analysis – Analyze your process. Cause and effect trouble shooting.
  • Remote Technical Support
  • Optional Report Generator – Log data to SQL or Oracle database to generate Production & Downtime Reports
  • Optional Ticket Printing

This system is parable with the FACTS Host System:1514-14 TIM Total Information Management Datasheet.or Download in Spanish.


Data Collection

  • Concurrent data capture from all of your FACTS systems
  • Event logging as it happens
  • Real Time display of key statistical quality parameters
  • Data collection in flat (*.csv) file format


Comprehensive SQC/SPC and process analysis
Color trend plotting of historical data
Trend, X-Bar, Range and Histogram charting
Event log display




  • Log production oriented data to SQL/Oracle database
  • Marry off-line quality test data with on-line production data
  • Create roll reports, shift reports, down time reports
  • Create traveling tickets to relay information to post processes



Remote Support

  • Access to your system remotely
  • Allow FACTS access to your system for support to help troubleshoot problems