TeraGauge for Sheet & Film Thickness Measurement

The non-nuclear solution

The FACTS TeraGauge is THE non-nuclear solution for measurement of clear and opaque sheet, film and web.  Packaged in a single side scanner configuration, the TeraGauge provides a rugged, high speed scanning platform designed for precise and repeateable performance.  The TeraGauge can be expected to have an extended life of operation, even in harsh environments.

TeraHertz Gauge Scanner for Rubber
True Thickness Measurement
Clear and Opaque Measurements
Overall Thickness Measurement
Individual Layer Thickness Measurement
Scanning Profile Measurement
Safe non-ionizing energy
Small Footprint
Optional Auto Profile Control

Use with the FACTS TPC 5001 Total Profile Control for:

  • High resolution display for Scan profiles and fixed point data
  • Menu-driven touch screen
  • Selectable profiles for displays and trend plots
  • Machine direction control of product thickness
  • single/multi scan averaging profiles
  • Recipe System

FACTS Capabilities

FACTS is a provider of complete turn-key automation system for continuous processes.  Our capabilities include Total Line Control, heater and drive panels, data collection, analysis & reporting tools, profile control systems, new scanning systems and scanner retrofits.

Design and Construction

  • Belt driven robust linear actuator
  • Sealed, non-drip design
  • Scan width of up to 12 feet available
  • 0-10 inches per second scanning spped
  • Closed loop servo control
  • Proximity sensors for travel limits and positioning
  • Idler rolls- optional


Suitable for the measurement of clear or opaque sheet, web and film products

  • Foamed products
  • Multi-layer: measure the thickness of individual layers
  • Materials with variable amounts of filler or are heavily pigmented.