Sheet and Film Extrusion

FACTS provides complete web, sheet and film profile measurement and control systems, as well as upgrades and replacement of existing nuclear profile measurement systems.  The FACTS Total Profile Control family includes integrated measurement technologies and scanning frame designs to accommodate your on-line measurement applications. On-line “fixed-point” measurement systems are also available.

FACTS’ technology is used around the world to control the production of sheet, film, and blown film lines.  While the basic building blocks are part of our tool set, each system is customized for its specific application.  All FACTS systems include 24/7 support and are never obsoleted.

Sheet Gauge Measurement

The SME Gauge

A non-nuclear measurement scanning system that provides true thickness measurement for your sheet or film application. Precise Single Sided Measurements. SME Gauge

The LTM Gauge

A non-nuclear measurement scanning system that provides true thickness measurement of your sheet or web. Two-sided, fast laser scanning that tracks both sides of material. LTM Gauge


Nuclear and X-Ray

Nuclear Transmission, BackScatter scanning systems. Both new and rebuilt from nuclear source through profile control system.. Read more about our Nuclear Systems.

The FACTS TPC 5001 Total Profile Control System is designed specifically for the integration of scanning gauge measurement technologies to provide machine direction and cross direction control of sheet and film processes.Total Profile Control

Sheet and Film Line Control Systems

Page4The FACTS Total Line Control (TLC) System for Sheet and Film Extrusion lines integrates and centralizes control of the entire extrusion process. The TLC System is applicable for all new or existing sheet and film processes including:

  • Single extruder and Co-extruder sheet lines
  • Single layer and Multi-layer cast film lines
  • Single layer and Multi-layer blown film lines

Download the Datasheet, Download the Datasheet

The TLC System removes islands of automation and provides full integration of all line equipment including:

  • Letoffs
  • Feed Systems:
    • Volumetric
    • Gravimetric
  • Extruder Speeds & Temperatures
  • Cold Start Protection
  • Automatic Melt Pump Control
  • Screen Changers
  • Internal Bubble Control
  • Scanning Profile Measurement
  • Auto Profile Dies
  • Chill & Embossing Rolls
  • Pull Rolls
  • In-Line and Roll Fed Thermoformers
  • Cutters & Stackers
  • Windups

In addition to our Total Line Control System, FACTS provides:

  • Heater and Drive System Assemblies
  • Motor Replacements
  • Scanning Profile Measurement Systems
  • Auto-Profile Control
  • Total Information Manager