On Line Measurement for Sheet & Film

 FACTS provides complete web, sheet and film profile measurement and control systems, as well as upgrades and replacement of existing nuclear profile measurement systems. The FACTS Total Profile Control family includes integrated measurement technologies and scanning frame designs to accommodate your on-line measurement applications. On-line “fixed-point” measurement systems are also available.

FACTS’ technology is used around the world to control the production of sheet, film, and blown film lines. While the basic building blocks are part of our toolset, each system is customized for its specific application. All FACTS systems include 24/7 support and are never obsoleted.

Coating & Multi-Layer Film Thickness Measurement

The FACTS CFT Gauge provides true thickness measurement of coatings, individual layers and total film thickness.

Download the Datasheet

Sheet and Film Thickness SME Gauge

The FACTS SME Gauge is a non-nuclear measurement scanning system that provides true thickness measurement for your sheet or film application. In conjunction with a precision reference roll, the SME Gauge incorporates an optical micrometer and an eddy current sensor to perform precise single-sided measurements.

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Scanner UpgradesDownload the Datasheet

The FACTS Scanner Upgrade Package provides a cost effective alternative to replacement of existing scanners. FACTS can upgrade the obsolete electronics on your existing scanner and reuse the source, detector and mechanical frame assembly.

Nuclear and X-Ray ScannersDownload the Datasheet

FACTS offers rugged ‘O’-Frame and ‘C’-Frame scanning systems that include Strongtium 90, Krypton 85 and Promethium 147 sources to cover the full range of product measurements.