Nuclear Gauging Solutions

Nuclear and X-Ray Scanners

FACTS offers rugged ‘O’-Frame and ‘C’-Frame scanning systems that include Strongtium 90, Krypton 85 and Promethium 147 sources to cover the full range of product measurements.

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Scanner Upgrades

The FACTS Scanner Upgrade Package provides a cost effective alternative to replacement of existing scanners.   FACTS can upgrade the obsolete electronics on your existing scanner and re-use the source, detector and mechanical frame assembly.

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NEW Alternative Gauge Measurement System from FACTS Inc.

The SME Gauge

The SME Sensor Enclosure contains Eddy Current Sensor and Laser Shadow Micrometer

A non-nuclear measurement scanning system that provides true thickness measurement for your sheet or film application. Precise Single Sided Measurements. SME Gauge

Gauging System Integration

The FACTS TPC 5001 Total Profile Control System is designed specifically for the integration of scanning gauge measurement technologies to provide machine direction and cross direction control of sheet and film processes.Total Profile Control
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