Batch Mixing Control Systems

Industrial MixerThe FACTS Total Mixing Control (TMC) System for batch processes integrates and centralizes control of the entire mixing and compounding process. The TMC System is applicable for all new or existing mixing lines.

The TMC System provides full integration of all line equipment including control/monitoring of:

  • Material Handling Systems
  • Oil Ingredient Weights
  • Bulk Compound Weights
  • Minor Compound Weights
  • Mixer Speed and Temperatures
  • Mix Time, Temperature and/or Energy
  • Extruders
  • Pelletizers
  • Drop Offs
  • Batch Offs


In addition to our Total Mixing Control System, FACTS provides:

  • Recipe Management
  • Job Scheduling
  • Weigh Belt Manager
  • Total Information Manager

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Weigh Belt Manager System

Many mixing applications require minor ingredients such as oils, fillers, and polymers to be weighed and queued on a belt system. The FACTS Weigh Belt System prompts operators to add proper material amounts, alarms based on under and overages, allows for multiple feed steps and multiple batches, and passes that information to the TMC and TIM systems mentioned above.

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Total Information Management for Mixing

The Total Information Management (TIM) system for Mixing records all measured control points created and collected through the FACTS Total Mixing Control System. An essential part of the Mixing Process, the TIM manages all recipes, and serves as an outstanding record of every batch.

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