On-Cal Gauge Calibration Procedure

(For a more detailed Calibration Procedure please refer to Chapter 14 of the FACTS 2001FS Manual.)
  1. Clean all debris from the Roller assembly wheels.
  2. Clean all debris from the Gauging roll surface.
  3. Put the gauges down on a bare roll.
  4. Zero the gauge reading via the main FACTS screen using the Zero Button.
    • NOTE: This function automatically loads a new offset factor to make the gauges read zero.
  5. Determine the input calibration factor for the Sample Gauge by using the following formula:
    Caibration Equation
  6. Enter the new input scale factor into the input factor table by editing the factor (in the “scale” column) for the Calender gauge being calibrated. (main menu -> submenu 1 -> tuning and calibration menu -> input calibration factors -> select factor group).
  7. Exit and save the change.
  8. Load the new factor by pressing the “re-load tuning factors” key (calibration menu).
  9. Verify the local display and the touch screen’s actual gauge matches.

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