Barrier Film Line Major Upgrade by FACTS

FACTS recently completed an overhaul of a wide multi- layer Barrier Cast Film Line.

The line was originally installed in 1996 with FACTS supplying the control and measurement system for the entire process.

In addition to FACTS, the original equipment suppliers included:

  • Multi Component Blending Systems
  • Gravimetric Feed Systems
  • Multiple Extruders, Cast Roll Stand, Pull Roll Stands, Dual Winder
  • Film Auto Die with Die Bolt Heaters
  • O-Frame beta transmission scanning measurement system

For the original installation, FACTS supplied multiple systems including:

  • Total Line Control system:
    • Control of ratios for blending system
    • Control of all extruder, tooling, die and cast roll temperature zones
    • Control of extruder rates based upon gravimetric feed system data
    • Control of cast roll and pull roll speeds
    • Monitoring, trending and alarming for all pressures, temperatures and speeds
  • Total Profile Control system:
    • Control and coordination of LFE Beta measurement scanner
    • Auto Profile Control – Die Bolt heater power control
    • Die Bolt Mapping
  • Total Information Manager:
    • Data Collection – Capture and store all process data
    • Event Logging – Capture and store all line events
    • Process Analysis tools
    • Remote Technical Support

For the recent upgrade, the original machinery equipment remained in place and FACTS reused the existing:

  • Drives for the extruders, cast rolls and pull rolls
  • Electrical enclosures
  • Solid state relays and contactors
  • Scanner frame including motor, encoder, Krypton source and detector
  • Touch screen operator interface displays

The FACTS Total Line Control and Total Profile Control systems were updated to current generation. All existing functionality was retained while many enhancements were provided. The new control system components were supplied on pre-fabricated sub-panel assemblies to mount within the existing electrical enclosures allowing the vast  majority of the existing field cabling & wiring to be reused.

The Total Line Control System upgrade included:

  • Multiple B&R Automation X20 I/O racks to support:
    • Thermocouple Input signals
    • Analog Input signals
    • Analog Outputs signals
    • Digital Inputs – AC and DC signals
    • Digital Outputs – AC and DC signals
  • Multiple FACTS Pressure Transducer Interface Modules (PTiM) to provide:
    • Precision excitation voltage for melt pressure transducers
    • Field adjustable over voltage/pressure detection
    • Signal conditioning

The Total Profile Control System upgrade was supplied with:

  • FACTS Universal Scanner Interface (USI) to replace the obsolete frame controller. The USI provides:
    • Closed loop servo control of the scanner head
    • High voltage DC power supply for detector ion chamber
    • Linearization of the pre-amp signal
  • Opto22 Output racks with individual fused Solid Sate Relays for each of the die bolt heaters

FACTS supplied on-site commissioning and start-up services using multiple engineers on-site simultaneously to minimize the amount of down time.

FACTS systems allow you to:

  1. Measure Your Product
  2. Control the Entire Process
  3. Report the Results

With nearly 1,000 systems shipped and installations within 14 countries, FACTS has the
experience to help you get the most from your existing machinery. 24/7 technical
support is available when you need it.


  1. Like to measure the oriented Nylon film flatness

    • Satheesh – FACTS has a number of options that can be used to measure film thickness and control cross web profile. I will contact you to review. Thank you.

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