Measurement for Converting – Coating & Laminating

TPC Profile PicFACTS provides systems to measure your product and control the process in a wide range of coating applications including:

  • Abrasives
  • Lamination
  • Adhesives
  • Paper
  • Extrusion
  • Textile
  • Foil

Our Total Profile Control on-line measurement systems incorporate rugged scanning frames that accommodate a wide range of product widths.   Our application expertise enables us to select measurement technology that is best suited for your application.

The FACTS TPC system provides an intuitive graphical display of the web profile and quickly alerts the operator when out-of-tolerance conditions exist.   The TPC will seamlessly integrate with any FACTS Control Systems allowing you measure the product and control the process.

FACTS systems are routinely used to measure:

  • Total Thickness
  • Multi-Layer Thickness
  • Coating Thickness
  • Basis Weight – Coat Weight

Capabilities of the TPC include:

  • Multi-Scanner & Multi-Sensor Support
  • Production & Roll Reports
  • Historical Data Capture
  • Bar Code Ticket Printing
  • Automatic Profile Control for Auto Die applications including a complete AC power panel with individually fused outputs

Data Sheets for Example Systems

  • SME Gauge for True Thickness Measurement – Download
  • CFT Gauge for Film and Coating Measurement – Download
  • Basis Weight Measurement – Download