Barrier Film Line Major Upgrade by FACTS

FACTS recently completed an overhaul of a wide multi- layer Barrier Cast Film Line. The line was originally installed in 1996 with FACTS supplying the control and measurement system for the entire … [Read more...]

Upgrading FACTS QNX systems to FACTS FCS

FACTS Inc. continues to innovate and invest in new forward thinking technology.  One of the advancements that we have made over the past few years is the development of a LINUX based control system … [Read more...]

Factory Information Architecture from the Bottom Up, NOT the top down

Historically, management information systems in the factory have been driven from the top down, with suppliers of MRP and ERP systems adding terminals and forms to capture manufacturing data from the … [Read more...]

Force Induced Calender Gauge Variations

Force induced variations result from the way the calender is operated and from previous process steps such as feed mill operation compound consistency from mixing In rubber calendering, … [Read more...]