Calendering Technologies from FACTS

FACTS provides a comprehensive set of solutions for the measurement and control of rubber calendered materials.  Check out our Calendering Line Solutions Brochure and review our extensive list of solutions including:

  • 200pxONCAL-RED.jpg

    ON-CAL3 Thickness Gauge

    On-Calender (On-Cal) Gauge Control of individual gum walls

  • Total Calender Line Control – Control of the compete line including:
    • Dual Letoffs
    • Coordination of All Line Drives
    • Tension Control
    • Splice Press
    • Calender Roll Speed and Ratio Control
    • Calender Roll Temperature Control
    • Dual Wind-ups
  • Calendered Web Scanning Profile Measurement
  • Screw Actuator Motor & Drive Upgrades
  • Calender and Line Drive & Motor Upgrades
  • Traversing Bubble Piercer (Blister Breaker) System
    • Castering knife speed is synchronized to the calender speed
    • Low profile to accommodate closed Z configurations
  • Servo Positioned Mill Knife System
    • Automatic adjustment of feed strip based upon speed of calender
  • trimknife

    Electric Servo Mill Knife

    Automatic Trim Knife Systems

  • Width Measurement Systems
  • Centering & Guiding Systems
  • Hydraulic Power Package Systems
  • Steel Cord Spacing Detection Vision System – Detects missing and crossed cords
  • Steel Cord Balance Gauge – Measures the placement of the steel cord in the assembled calendered material
  • Ticket Printer
  • Production and Downtime Report Generator