Calender Roll Grind Profile Tech Tip

Any calendering system, with or without a FACTS, Inc. control systems will perform best with properly maintained calendering rolls.

Calender rolls must be ground periodically to establish the proper profile.

The profile is selected so that the roll separating forces, which cause the rolls to bow apart in the center, are partially compensated for by grinding the center to a larger diameter.

The specific profile selected is based on the range of rubber compound hardness, type of center compensation such as cross-axis or roll bending, and roll width.

If the grind profile is incorrect it will be difficult or even impossible to achieve a flat-calendered rubber profile.

The FACTS Calender Control System can be configured for cross-axis control.


  1. Jimbob Darnell says

    I’m looking for a Calendar roll grinding/polishing block supplier. Any suggestions?

    • Jimbob – we care aware of a couple of roll grinding companies and will send you an e-mail with contanct information

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