Blow Molding Machine Control

Blow Molding Parison Control

The FACTS Total Blow Molding Control (TBC) System integrates and centralizes control of the entire Blow Molding machine. The TBC System is applicable for all new or existing blow Molding machines including:

  • Accumulator machines
  • Reciprocating machines
  • Shuttle machines
  • Rotary machines

The TBC System provides full integration of the blow molding machine including control/monitoring of:

  • Extruder Speed and Temperature
  • Multi-step parison profile control
  • Clamp and blow functions
  • All Machine Sequence Logic

DCF 1.0In addition to our Blow Molding Machine Control System, FACTS provides:

  • Heater and Drive Enclosure Assemblies
  • Drive and Motor Upgrades
  • Hydraulic Power Package
  • Total Information Manager