Our solutions are used in a variety of industries.

FACTS supplies engineered solutions into a wide variety of industrial markets. We have developed particular application expertise within the wide umbrella of the Rubber and Plastics industries. The majority of our business has been in the supply of upgrades and replacements into the end user manufacturing facility.

Aerospace Materials

FACTS systems are used to produce gaskets, seals, dampeners, vibration isolators and more.


FACTS systems produce headliners, insulating panels, floor mats, carpeting, tires, wiper blades, belts, hoses, fuel lines, brake lines, door seals and more. We specialize in supplying Calender Gauge Control, Calender Line Control, Extrusion Control and Profile Scanning Systems.


FACTS systems are used to produce automotive belts, power transmission belts and conveyor belts for the mining and ore transport industry.

Building and Construction

FACTS systems produce vinyl siding, trim boards, cut shingle roofing, rolled roofing, window frames, window films, supply & drainage pipes, culverts, geothermal liners, tank liners and more. We specialize in Total Line Control and Systems Integration of the entire manufacturing process.

Compounding and Mixing

FACTS systems are used to produce the pellets, strips and slab materials used in countless manufacturing operations including Cast & Blown Film Extrusion, Sheet Extrusion, Rubber Extrusion and Calendering operations.

Food Packaging

FACTS systems are used to produce multi-layer food grade barrier films, cups, plates, single serve packages, fast food packaging, beverage supply hoses and more.

Hose, Tube and Pipe

FACTS systems are used to control a wide variety of hose, tube and pipe extrusion processes.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

FACTS systems are used to produce medical and dental tubing, components for medical devices, solution bags, stoppers, liners plungers and more.


FACTS has partnered with numerous Original Equipment Suppliers over the years. Incorporating a FACTS Measurement and Control System provides distinct advantages to the end customer and is backed by 24/7 technical support.


FACTS systems are used in the production of tires for the automotive OEM & aftermarket segments as well as off-road tires for the agricultural, yard equipment & recreational segments. Our Calender Gauge Control and Calender Line Control technology is applicable to all calender operations for the production of Inner Liner, Gum, Fabric and Steel Cord reinforced materials including Twin 2 (2 + 2), 3-Roll and 4-Roll calenders. Our Total Extrusion Control and Profile Measurement systems are used in the production of tire tread.

Wire and Cable

FACTS systems are used to produce hook-up wire, signal wire, coax cable, multi-conductor data cables, power cables and more.