A General List of Extrusion parameters to Control or Monitor

In developing control systems, FACTS monitors and controls various parameters in the extrusion process. Below is a starter list.

Extrusion Control Points

  • Blending ratios of multiple ingredients
  • Extruder throughput in lbs/hour or lbs/ft
  • Extruder barrel temperature zones – These are usually heating & cooling
  • Tooling temperature zones – These are usually heat only
  • Die temperature zones – These are usually heat only
  • Speeds
  • Extruder screw
  • Roll stands
  • Pullers
  • Conveyors
  • Capstans
  • Wind-ups
  • Tension – product tension is controlled by varying the appropriate speed(s) based on load cell or dancer feedback
  • Melt Pump Inlet Pressure
  • Product Dimensions
  • OD (outside diameter)
  • ID (inside diameter)
  • Width
  • Height
  • Wall Thickness
  • Roll Length
  • Cut-to-Length

Parameters typically monitored in the extrusion:

  • Drive Loads
  • Melt Temperature
  • Melt Pressure
  • Tension
  • Cut Counting
  • Product Dimensions

Recommended additional parameters for monitoring to detect problems before any damage occurs, track for maintenance purposes, or assure proper process conditions:

  • Gear Box Temperature, Pressure, and Lube Flow
  • Motor Temperature
  • Drive Faults
  • Cooling Tank Temperature
  • Relative Humidity and/or Dew Point – controlling cooling roll temperatures to just above the dew point can prevent corrosion and contamination of the product
  • Raw Material

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