Rubber Calendering Measurement and Control Solutions

FACTS prides itself on our complete solution set for calender gauging, control, line control, and other systems. A printable brochure mirroring the below webpage content can be found here: Download the Total Calender Line Control Solutions Brochure.  You can jump below to our various solutions that we’ve developed over decades of calender experience.

ON-CAL (On Calender) Gauges


The FACTS ON-CAL 3 is a precision gauge for the measurement of nonmetallic calendered materials, such as rubber, vinyl and other plastic materials. It is a non-nuclear, contact measurement gauge that incorporates automatic zero calibration to maintain high accuracy. No electronics are used on the calender on this simple, robust design. Being so close to the calender nip, ON-CAL gauges reduce transport lag, thus providing a fast response.

The FACTS, Inc. calender gauge control system typically brings the individual gum wall gauges within specified thickness tolerance in less than 1 calender roll revolution after a specification change or start-up!

  • Fast due to very short transport delay and no scanning delay
  • Accurate and easy to maintain
  • Inherently safe – no nuclear source or radiation
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Calendered Web Thickness Profile

The SME Gauge

A non-nuclear measurement scanning system that provides true thickness measurement for your sheet or film application. Precise Single Sided Measurements. SME Gauge

Nuclear and X-Ray

Nuclear Transmission, BackScatter scanning systems. Both new and rebuilt from nuclear source through profile control system.. Read more about our Nuclear Systems.

Cord Spacing Vision System

The FACTS vision system which has been designed to detect missing cords as well as provide complete cord spacing measurement. Optional post calender marking of defect location is available on calender.

Cord Spacing Vision System Monitors:

  • Cord count /spacing
  • Crossed, Paired, or Missing Cords
  • Measures the entire web width multiple times per second – this is a fraction of the time required by nuclear scanning systems
  • Optional continuous marking system of defect location
  • Machine direction with transport compensation
  • Cross sheet position
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Wire Balance Gauge

Scanning precision measurement of wire placement within assembled calendered wire fabric – non-contact, non-nuclear. Contact us directly to discuss your specific application.

Calendered Width Measurement

FACTS, Inc. can assist our customers with width gauging systems at any point on a calendering line. Contact us directly to discuss your specific application.

Apply the FACTS Calendered Width Measurement System

  • Pre-Calender
  • Post Calender
  • Windup
  • High Relability LED Illumination

TCC 1600 Total Calender Gauge Control System


The FACTS TCC 1600 Total Calender Control System is designed specifically with “on calender” fixed sensor measurements for machine direction and cross direction control of the calender process.

The FACTS, Inc. calender gauge control system brings fast precise control to individual gums, getting within gum walls thickness tolerance in less than 1 calender roll revolution after a specification change or start-up!
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TCC 150-17 Calender Gauge Control System

The FACTS TCC 150-17 is a cost effective solution for small calender control applications. The FACTS TCC 150- 17 is designed specifically for optimized calender gauge control thru the use of “On-Calender” fixed gauges and/or post calender sheet scanners. The FACTS “On-Calender” sensors enable the TCC 150-17 to provide precise machine direction and cross direction control of the calender process.
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Dynamic Target Optimization

dual normal curve 1.jpgThe FACTS Calendering Gauge Control System is able to reduce the standard deviation of profile thickness or gauge distribution on calenders. Reducing the SD allows for tigher control of your output, allowing your targets to shift closer to your minimum thickness requirements.
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Reduce Thickness Variations 20%-30%- A Case Study

FACTS‘ customers typically experience a 20 to 30 percent reduction in gauge or thickness variations when replacing an existing control system that is fully functional and properly maintained. Check our math- you will be glad you did.
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TCC 1600 Total Line Control System

  • Control of the complete calender line
  • Drive co-ordination
  • Tension control
  • Roll temperature control
  • Line logic control from let-off thru Wind-up
  • Integrated with gauge control system

Bubble Piercer (Blister Breaker)

  • Low-Profile
  • Mechanically Compatible with FACTS On-Cal 3 gauges
  • Mimimal gum distortion
  • Traversing castering knife is speed synchronized with calender speed.

FACTS, Inc. can provide a complete mechanical knife system to minimize bubbles (blisters) on the calender.
Contact us directly to discuss your specific application.

Calender Gauge Control Tips

Download the original Calender Control Tips whitepaper here.